Comprehension Military Connector Specs

Comprehension Military Connector Specifications™

During the connector sector, there are many technological conditions which often can sometimes be challenging to decipher. Military connectors need by their incredibly character that they fulfill the stringent complex standards at first military plugs connectors laid out because of the US Section of Defense.

They as well as their derivatives are generally generally known as Military Conventional, MIL-STD, or MIL-SPEC connectors. In this article, we glance at a few of the most common specs and requirements and make clear precisely what they necessarily mean.


Formerly called MIL-C-38999, MIL-DTL-38999 connectors really are a series of four connectors which happen to be comprised of bayonet, threaded, and Breech Lok coupling mechanisms. They are environmentally resistant connectors that use detachable crimp contacts and possess an functioning variety of -sixty five to +200°C.

Sequence I connectors are bayonet coupled and also have substantial-vibration Attributes. They can be scoop evidence and are perfect for major wind and humidity environments. They are utilised whenever a rapidly disconnect coupling system is required.

Sequence II connectors are bayonet coupled, are non-scoop proof, and possess a reduced profile, so are made use of when fat or Place is proscribed, or in lower-vibration, large humidity, and powerful wind cases.

Sequence III connectors are coupled by A fast screw Tri get started thread, are scoop proof, and they are greatest fitted to normal mating and unmating apps and may be used in large temperature, humidity, wind, or vibration environments when used with the correct extras.

Sequence IV connectors are coupled by a Breech Lok mechanism, are scoop evidence, light-weight and suitable for blind mating apps, and so they also have superior-vibration characteristics. They can be well matched in large wind and humidity environments when used with the appropriate accessories. Insert preparations for all sequence are supplied in MIL-STD-1560. FC Lane Electronics Ltd is a leading Value Included Distributor to the SOURIAU Connection Technologies versions of your MIL-DTL-38999 collection 1 and three.



MIL-DTL-26482, Beforehand referred to as MIL-C-26482, are bayonet lock connectors, and collection 1 (solder) and series two (crimp) cover the necessities for two series of miniature, speedy disconnect, ecosystem resisting, round electrical connectors and their equipment. The two series include things like hermetic receptacles and so are intermateable when utilized with conventional contacts and non-intermateable when employed with shielded contacts.

The types and lessons of connector contain courses E, F, J, and P, which can be utilised in environment-resisting scenarios and also have an working variety of -fifty five to -a hundred twenty five°C. Course H receptacles are suited to conditions where by pressures/vacuums are necessary to be managed within the boxes/vessels that the connector is mounted to.

There are lots of uses for this connector outside of the official military services specification along with the specification includes two circular connector series: Series I incorporates MS3110, MS3111, MS3112, MS3114, and MS3116, and Sequence II consists of MS3470, MS3474, MS3475, and MS3476 connectors. Insert preparations are delivered in MIL-STD-1669. The Weald Electronics Ltd Variation is the LMH choice of connectors and equipment which happen to be suitable with sequence 1 (solder). These merchandise are thoroughly stocked and dispersed by FC Lane Electronics Ltd.


The MIL-DTL-5015 typical, Earlier often known as MIL-C-5015, describes round connectors that have entrance and rear release crimp contacts and solder contacts. They can be Utilized in electrical ability, electronic, and Management circuits and so are broadly Utilized in industrial, civil, and defense programs as They're readily available, adaptable and trusted. They have got an operating array of -55°C to possibly one hundred twenty five°C, one hundred seventy five°C, or two hundred°C with regards to the connector course. Insert preparations are supplied in MIL-STD-1651. The Weald Electronics Ltd Variation may be the LMJ series of connectors, which has solder contacts. These solutions are extensively stocked and distributed by FC Lane Electronics Ltd.


This regular, MIL-DTL-24308 (formerly generally known as MIL-C-24308), describes non-environmental, polarised shell, rack and panel, miniature connectors with pin and socket, solder (non-detachable), insulation displacement (non-detachable), or crimp (removable) float-mounting or rigid mounting brackets. They may have an working temperature range of -55°C to a hundred twenty five°C.

They're also called D-Subminiature or D-sub connectors and are used in environments where by fat and Room really are a thing to consider, even though accommodating lots of circuits in relation for their dimensions. For this reason they are perfect for missiles, aircraft, and floor support systems. Moreover rack and panel apps, these may also be tailored for use by utilising integral clamps as well as other related add-ons.

They can be suitable for use in armed service purposes as follows: courses G and N are to be used within just environments with the operating range of -fifty five°C to one hundred twenty five°C (course N are Employed in environments in which residual magnetism needs to be held at minimal concentrations), course H are applied when pressures/vacuums should be maintained during the boxes/vessels onto which the connectors are mounted, and lessons D, K, and M are meant for use in high-dependability House apps. FC Lane Electronics Ltd thoroughly stocks and distributes products and solutions from Positronic Industries that addresses both the MIL specification and professional variations of this style of connector.


Earlier named MIL-C-83513, the MIL-DTL-83513 specification describes micro-miniature, polarised shell rectangular connectors that have solder or non-detachable crimp contacts. They can be tough-carrying and long lasting and as such are meant for use in severe environments, possessing substantial dielectric power, high recent functionality, lower Call resistance, and large resistance to vibration and shock. They can be light-weight, of small size, and also have a large density of pins.

They are really also known as Micro-D connectors and due to their tiny dimension and bodyweight, are generally used in radars, shoulder-introduced weapons, navy GPS, healthcare devices, satellites, drilling equipment, Innovative soldier technological know-how, and aerospace avionics purposes.


The standard that designers motivation when an application needs small utilization of Area and fat with no sacrifice in the efficiency. Other demands of MIL-DTL-28748 include using higher-high-quality materials, a high resistance to shock and vibration, positive locking and a long life. This specification is often used in aerospace, instrumentation and for many forms of transportable devices. Formerly recognized basically as M28748, high density and regular density MIL-DTL-28748 merchandise ranges are created up of rectangular rack and panel connectors with non-removable solder contacts and removable crimp contacts.